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2008 March

Your loan with Commonwealth Bank was costing you 25,860 per year in interest.

By July 2009, Commonwealth Bank's interest rate had changed to 5.24%.

At that time, it was the second most expensive of all major lenders.

Then, in November 2010 the RBA increased rates by 0.25%.
2010 November

2 days later, Commonwealth Bank increased your interest rate by 0.45% - almost double the RBA change.

On average, over the last 5 years Commonwealth Bank passed on a rate increase in 4 days but took 9 days to pass on a cut.

2013 March

Commonwealth Bank only passed on the full rate cut 6 out of those 12 times.

In comparison to the best performing lender, Commonwealth Bank's interest rate movements have cost you an additional $8,000 in the past 5 years.

Commonwealth Bank's price on loyalty.

Over the life of your loan your test has revealed a potential saving of $12,000

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